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Show your love in your proposal

Proposals may seem daunting, you want to make it special and memorable for your other half. Of course, you are also hoping they will say yes! Here are a few simple ideas if you are thinking about proposing this Valentine’s day!

Location of your first date or where you first met

This may seem like an obvious one but it is definitely popular for a reason. Proposing where you first clapped eyes on each other or spent time together can be very moving for both of you. The powerful presence of being there can really set the mood!

Get the kids or pets involved

Already have children or a beloved pet? Get them to help you pop the question! Make it a family occasion with printed t-shirts or signs.


Granted it may be a bit cold on the UK beaches at the moment but wrap up warm & it can be a beautiful setting for popping the question. Or if you are already going on vacation, a warm beach would be a perfect sunny location too.


If you both have a song together then having a band, choir or singer playing your song is sure to be a winner! Want a more intimate affair? Play the song at home whilst asking that all important question!

Play ring hide and seek

We have all heard of the ring at the bottom of the champagne glass, but how about hiding it in a fortune cookie, bouquet, balloon or their favourite book!


This may seem top much for the introvert in you, but if your other half loves being in the spotlight have a party and propose in front of all your loved ones.


Everyone has their favourite dish & what better way to be proposed to than when you’re chowing down on your favourite dish, cook for your partner then pop the question over dimmed lights & dessert!


If your both happiest laying in bed binge watching the latest episode of that hit TV show, then pop the question there! You do you! … and good luck!

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