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Trials & tribulations of a bride | Chapter One: Venue & Dates

Brides often ask us how to navigate the wedding world! Whether there are any tips or tricks and any mistakes to avoid. So we asked a bride to write a blog series on her experience in the wedding world, & this is what she wrote! (This bride is using a pseudonym to protect her identity whilst she is planning her own wedding & her blog will be posted through one of our admin accounts)

Chapter 1: Venues & dates

When he gets down on one knee the last thing going through your mind is Winter or Summer wedding? Church or registry? Big wedding or small? But it soon becomes one of your first stresses as the new bride planning a wedding! The first matter at hand was the size of wedding we would like. We decided to have a more intimate wedding with our close friends & family at the ceremony. We then created our guest list: 42 at the ceremony & 73 at the reception. This gave us a lot of availability with our choice of venues. We both felt pretty flexible on the dates we would like, but definitely wanted a date in a warmer month opposed to winter!

The first venue we looked around was a Hall, although it was beautiful we didn’t feel it was right for us, & was a bit too dated for our vision. Next up was a beautifully renovated barn, & this is the place we feel in love with! The views were stunning, the food amazing & it just felt right! This was definitely the venue that stole our hearts & we were eager to book. We picked a date, a (hopefully) warm June wedding was in the diary. Now to send the invites…

Grace A.

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