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Don’t fall for the fakes

You go to a shop & fall in love with a dress, perfect for a night out! But there is one problem: The price tag. So you look online and find it for half the price?! Yes please! If you’re lucky, after months of waiting it will arrive looking nothing like the picture. Sound familiar? This is commonplace in the wedding dress industry too! We hear the horror stories of fakes turning up looking nothing like the picture. So here are our top tips to help you avoid getting a fake wedding dress!


If you love a particular wedding dress or brand, ask in-store if there are any sample items on sale, these are from last season but it does mean you are getting a designer dress for a cut of the price!


A good option if you are on a tight budget can be pre-loved dresses. They are more than likely once worn and often in ‘like new’ condition! Buying pre-loved means you know you are getting the quality and style that you expect from a genuine designer dress.


When shopping online check what country it is being shipped from. If it’s being shipped straight from China chances are your not getting the real deal & you will receive a fake wedding dress!

For example, you buy a dress for a £100 online and it’s being shipped from China, it comes and as fakes often run really small, it doesn’t fit. You now need to return it, these types of companies will often bump up the price for the return postage often nearly half the price of the dress! So from a £100 dress, you are only going to get £50 back. They have made money and you have less left in your budget than you did in the beginning!


When surfing online for a cheaper price, you will come across popular wedding dress designers photos being used on listings for a fake wedding dress. If you see this and the only photo is the professional stock photo then ask for more pictures of the actual dress.


If you are on websites like Ali-express and shopping for a wedding dress, then you are going to get a fake. If you wish to shop online, go to your chosen brands website and it will often state what shops & online retailers stock their dresses.

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